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Stable Stores: Shopping Cart Software Features

 Accept Real-time Credit Cards & Payment Gateways
Process payments online through your ecommerce storefront. If you already have a merchant account, Stable Stores can integrate with it using one of the gateways listed below. If you do not yet have a merchant account, Stable Stores offers a low-cost merchant account.

Our shopping cart software supports the following popular payment gateways:
  • Authorize.Net
  • LinkPoint
  • Verisign Pay Flow Pro
  • PayPal
  • LinkPoint API
  • 2Checkout
  • PlugNPay
  • CyberSource
  • and many more...

 Offline Credit Card Processing, Checks, and Phone Orders
You can set your shopping cart up to receive customer's credit information and manually process the credit card information. This feature provides your customers a variety of options for payment including online processing or offline processing, checks, e-checks, money orders, phone orders and more!

 Accept Payment in Any Currency
Your storefront can be set to accept payment in any currency.

 UPS, FEDEX & USPS Calculations
Real-time shipping calculations available for all of the major shipping companies including UPS, FedEx and United States Postal Service.

 Tax Calculation (State or County)
Choose a state in which you wish to charge tax and then enter the appropriate tax amount or enter the zip code and applicable tax amount.

 Add Handling Charges
You can choose to add handling charges separately from standard shipping rates in order to recover costs involved in packaging and other handling tasks. Furthermore, you can choose to display the handling charge to your customers or have the software automatically add your specified handling charge to the displayed shipping rate.

 Ship by Price, Weight
At Stable Stores, we know that customers prefer to calculate shipping costs in a variety of ways including total price, total weight, and on a per item basis. Our ecommerce software allows you to select from the most popular methods, ensuring that your shipping costs are personalized to your business needs.

 Restrict Shipping by Location
If the products you sell are restricted in some states or countries, you can configure restricted shipping methods in your administration panel. You can also disallow shipping to particular countries where instances of fraud are high.

 Offer Free Shipping
Increase sales by offering "free shipping". Examples >> "free shipping if you buy $XX or more", or "free shipping with every purchase".

 Real-time Shipping
Your Stable Stores storefront connects directly to UPS, FedEx, USPS. Your customers will be provided with accurate, up to the minute, shipping information by directly polling each shipper you have selected based on the total weight of all items in the shopping cart, the origin zip code and the destination zip code.

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Home Shopping Cart Software Features Order Processing
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